About Us

Nomad On Toast is a new crafting journey, we hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Let’s hop in our time machine back to 2010, when a young and maybe foolhardy Erica opened Nomad Yarns in downtown Plainfield, IN. After renovating the Victorian era home and opening as a cute little local yarn store, she added her own unique spice with fun ideas and original patterns, becoming an instant hit in the fiber community.

Shortly after and skillfully avoiding the renovation work, Erica’s souvenir from her travels in the UK arrived. After being let out of his crate and a very cute, bohemian wedding, Dave joined the team.

Nomad continued to grow, adding kits, classes, retreats and Dave’s line of hand dyed yarns and fibers. The Nomad team expanded too, adding two very short trainees Poppy and Rowan. The Nomad family settled in to a creativity filled routine at the store… but something big loomed on the horizon.

Smash! In 2019, the Nomads fled from the building carrying armfuls of yarn and children. The business had to move due to redevelopment in Plainfield. So, a new adventure began as Indiana’s only Yarn Truck. Now freed from regular store hours, the Nomad Yarns hand dyed yarn lines began to take over the truck. Soon new, original kits and notions followed, with some unusual twists.

2020. The year mentioned only in hushed tones, despite world events the Nomads continue to thrive. Online was the perfect place to get creative, with a subscription box, lots more new hand dyed yarns and even digital retreats! Nomad wasn’t just a yarn store anymore, with embroidery, macramé and more zooming all across the country. After 10 years in one place, even with the mobile store, the Nomads were getting itchy feet.

With customers spread further afield that ever and a thirst for adventure, in 2022 our intrepid team headed on to pastures new. Indiana was no longer a good fit for their sheer eccentricity – so setting off on a grand adventure the Nomads came to Keene, NH. Now settling in to their New England home, Erica stepped away from the business to pursue a career as a writer – just as Nomad stepped away from only crafting with yarn.

So here we are, at the new era. With Dave at the helm and the rest of the Nomads always adding creative support. Online and around New England, with hand dyed yarns and dabbling in more crafts that ever - Nomad On Toast is here to Craft Everything!

Dave – Yarn Wizard

You’re most likely to find Dave standing over a pot of brightly colored liquids or hunched over a desk surrounded by stacks of papers and candles. It’s not alchemy, just artwork! Dave is our hand dyer, graphic designer and webstore manager. (He just happens to like candles too).

Erica – Not an influencer

Erica can be found in her natural habit, buried deep within a houseplant typing on her laptop. When she’s not hard at work at her day job as a content writer or digging flowerbeds, Erica is our pattern designer and social media manager.