We produce hand dyed yarns in every color of the rainbow, but our business always tries to just be green! Check out our sustainability efforts here.


Nomad HQ is being fitted with solar panels in Fall 2022! The electricity generated will be enough to power our home, EV and business as well as over producing a little for the grid. By the end of 2023 Nomad HQ aims to be run on 100% renewable energy.

Products and packaging

All Nomad On Toast paper printed products are printed on recycled paper and card stock - from yarn labels to greetings cards - using environmentally responsible inks.

Where possible Nomad On Toast reduces packaging and shipping waste for kit and notions components by working with suppliers to have our items shipped in bulk direct from the manufacturer. We continue to look for more sustainable sourcing solutions for more of our products and components.

Any plastics used for packaging are 100% clear PET, the easiest plastic to recycle and are necessary to present the products at their best for in person sales and gifting. If you would like your items to be shipped plastic free just let us know!

All shipping packaging used by Nomad On Toast for small orders is home compostable, larger orders are packed in recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Shipping and Carbon offsetting

Nomad On Toast uses Neutrl to provide carbon offsetting to cover carbon emissions not only for shipping the product to you, but to directly offset emissions for the entire supply chain! We use a portion of our profits through this program to fund carbon sequestration and environmental regeneration projects with each and every order.

Stay tuned as we continue to look for more ways to reduce our environmental impact and do our part for a safe future for humans and our planet.